Comment 0 for bug 43453

1. Start ubquity
2. Go to step 6 of 7 ('Prepare disk space')
3. Choose 'manually edit partition table' and click 'forward'

Expected result:
Physical disks, and lvm vg's are treated as being conceptually
the same. Ditto partitions and lvm lv's.

Actual result:
lvm lv's are treated as being physical disks.

The lvm lv's appear in the drop-down list of disks. Selecting one
shows a fake partition in the partition list, the name of which is the
path of the lv with a 1 appended. There is a warning sign beside the

On the page where you choose what partition is mounted where, the lvm lv's are completely absent from the drop-down lists.

This has been tested on dapper live beta1, dapper live beta2, and
on an installed dapper system uptodate as of today (2006/05/07).