Comment 3 for bug 371509

Colin Watson (cjwatson) wrote :

I don't feel that the appropriate solution to this bug is to add more cities. The denser the cities are, the more people will get upset and/or confused that their local city isn't included, and eventually the page will turn into an unusable forest of dots. IMO, we need to be quite firm about keeping the UI under control here. We use city information from tzdata which is exactly the right density for the data we actually need to gather, and I'm not happy about going beyond that.

I suspect that a better fix for the actual bug as reported would be to try to do a better job of selecting a city in the same country as the region in which you clicked (although there would have to be some fuzz for smaller countries; this is a lot less obvious in Europe than in North America, for instance). If there's still confusion after that, it can be clarified textually.