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Do you edit an SVG or PNG rendering of the images? Cause the PNG images just plays up on Inkscape due to the low resolutions involved.

Kenneth, I would respectfully disagree on 'not our desire to make things correct' -- the whole philosophy of the free software movement is the empowerment of the individual to collaborate together to get things correct, and in this case, neutrally-produced maps.


From: Kenneth Wimer <email address hidden>
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Sent: Wed, 7 April, 2010 7:06:01 AM
Subject: [Bug 368060] Re: Map of Kashmir when selecting the timezone is incorrect

I use inkscape to edit the file. The hardest part is getting good
information not our desire to make things correct

Map of Kashmir when selecting the timezone is incorrect
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Status in “ubiquity” package in Ubuntu: Fix Released
Status in “ubiquity” source package in Lucid: Fix Released

Bug description:
When installing Ubuntu, I have to select the timezone. I notice that the map of Kashmir is incorrectly positioned and does not reflect the political situation of the volatile region. Ubuntu must keep political scenarios in mind to produce neutrally-labelled maps. The United Nations also produces neutral maps.

So this should be displayed when displaying maps of India, Pakistan and China: (See reference map:

* Select India (IST):
** India selected.
** Kashmir and Arunachal Pradesh within India has a lighter shade
** Kashmir within Pakistan and China with an even lighter shade

* Select Pakistan (PST)
**Pakistan without Kashmir in standard shade
**Kashmir within Pakistan with a lighter shade

*Select China
**PRC standard shade
**PRC with Kashmir lighter shade
**PRC with Arunachal Pradesh with an even lighter shade.

Hope you can implement this in Ubuntu 9.10

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