Comment 9 for bug 328437

Uwe Geuder (ubuntulp-ugeuder) wrote :

> Actually it turns out that the Finnish Remix CD installed casper for me.
> Investigations ongoing why this happened.

casper is contained in casper/filesystem.manifest-desktop of the Finnish Remix CD 10.04.1 This is not the case for the official Ubuntu desktop CD 10.04.1.

The problem with having casper installed and ramzswap activated is not reproducible with the official CD.

Probably people who remaster the installation CD need to make sure that they don't have casper in the casper/filesystem.mainfest-desktop file.(I admit this is a bit of speculation, because I don't know exactly how the installation in this file works.)

Repair action for those who have got bitten:

1.) sudo apt-get remove --purge casper (this will also remove the file /usr/share/initramfs-tools/conf.d/compcache mentioned in #2)

2.) sudo update-initramfs -u

3.) reboot

Summary: no problem in official Ubuntu 10.04.1 Desktop CD. Problem seems to happen commonly when remastering the CD.