Comment 8 for bug 1797861

Didier Roche (didrocks) wrote :

Confirm what Iain is seeing, in maybe-ubiquity mode with kvm, if you select then the live session.

More info:
* if you enable accessibility in maybe-ubiquity and right away:
  - try to select options (languages) in maybe-ubiquity, nothing is read by orca
  - switch right away to Try ubuntu, the accessibility doesn't work at all (despite being enabled back) on the live session. Also, turning it off and on again via the shortcut or menu doesn't work either. There is an orca process which doesn't exit. Note that this orca process has a PID way inferior to GNOME Shell, which may leads to the previous maybe-ubiquity session (the session isn't shut down). Only killing the process and restarting accessibility lead to same state as below.
* if you enable accessibility in maybe-ubiquity, but wait for a little bit (like 20s):
  - orca then read options in maybe-ubiquity
  - if you select "install ubuntu" -> orca continues reading successfully
  - or if you select "Try ubuntu", live session has orca turned on, with a recent PID (older than GNOME Shell), regular apps ar read by orca, but any root/sudo apps aren't read.