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> User Interface Freeze Exception Justification
> ---------------------------------------------
> This is landing just a bit late because of the need for it to be reviewed before landing.
> I was only aware of the spec on Tuesday and it took some time to figure
> out how to figure out how to work on ubiquity.
> This should improve the usability of the new minimal install option
> feature.
> Change Description
> ------------------
> This updates one page of ubiquity to more closely match the specification:
> Screenshots attached.
> Testing Done
> ------------
> 1. I successfully built ubiquity.
> 2. I ran Ubuntu in Try Ubuntu mode.
> 3. I installed the new ubiquity* .debs.
> 4. I completed an install with the Normal install option.
> 5. I repeated steps 2-3 and completed a Minimal install.
> 6. I then did steps 2-3 with Ubuntu Kylin to test that the install
> worked correctly for a flavor that doesn't provide a Minimal install
> option yet. (Probably not a great choice since I don't speak Chineseā€¦)

This looks much better, thanks. I'm OK from the release team's side as
long as docs/translations are too.

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> Testing Not Done
> ----------------
> I did not test Kubuntu

It might be worthwhile pinging them to at least give the chance to
check. You could upload to a PPA, or we could block in proposed.


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