Comment 13 for bug 1758082

I think this is way too late in the process to throw a regression at an LTS.

Why is this a regression? It is a regression because it changes the text in the Kubuntu installer to the point that the message is unclear to the average user what exactly a "Minimal install" is.

If you want to introduce something so late, especially for an LTS, there can't be regressions or if there are they need to be corrected by the original committer. Otherwise, the original commiter is essentially introducing regression with the response "deal with it".

In my opinion, this is unacceptable because it adds work onto flavours without necessary time to solve it as well as finishing the already planned work.

I think the overall idea could work well but making an exception for something that improves the install for one section of the codebase but adds a regression to another is not acceptable, especially for an LTS.