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Jeremy Bicha (jbicha) wrote :

User Interface Freeze Exception Justification
This is landing just a bit late because of the need for it to be reviewed before landing.

I was only aware of the spec on Tuesday and it took some time to figure out how to figure out how to work on ubiquity.

This should improve the usability of the new minimal install option feature.

Change Description
This updates one page of ubiquity to more closely match the specification:

Screenshots attached.

Testing Done
1. I successfully built ubiquity.
2. I ran Ubuntu in Try Ubuntu mode.
3. I installed the new ubiquity* .debs.
4. I completed an install with the Normal install option.
5. I repeated steps 2-3 and completed a Minimal install.

6. I then did steps 2-3 with Ubuntu Kylin to test that the install worked correctly for a flavor that doesn't provide a Minimal install option yet. (Probably not a great choice since I don't speak Chineseā€¦)

Testing Not Done
I did not test Kubuntu

Notifications to Lists
Not Done Yet