Comment 3 for bug 1294858

Gunnar Hjalmarsson (gunnarhj) wrote :

I did a new Swedish install, and this time mythes-sv was pulled by the installer as expected. :) So mythes-sv has no longer anything to do with this bug report.

However, if I do an English install, and instantly run check-language-support (without options), I get this list:


It's the packages I'm prompted to install if I open language-selector.

So, why is this not an ideal behavior?

First: Some users, who just did a fresh install while connected to the net and asked for updates to be taken into consideration, find it confusing to be told that language support is not completely installed. That prompt in itself indicates an error.

Also, consider these steps:
- Do a fresh install with en_US.
- Create a new standard user via User Accounts and set the language en_GB.

When logging in as that new user, the language support won't be complete. Not even opening language-selector from that user helps, since standard users are not prompted to install missing language support.

This reasonably applies to language packs with multiple translations - English, Spain, Portuguese, Catalan... OTOH, since English is always there, it affects all users.

I attached a patch which I think would fix this bug. It may be a little hackish, but the point is that I would like the installer to pull language support packages by calling check-language-support without options (or with the -a option).