Comment 0 for bug 1267922

Phillip Susi (psusi) wrote :

If grub-install fails, ubiquity screws up in two ways:

1) It unmounts /target/dev, so when you select another location ( the correct one ) to install grub to, that attempt fails as well
2) After selecting a different loation, the installer goes immediately to the installation complete dialog, while attempting to install grub in the background. At this point, clicking just about anything causes ubiquity to crash.

You can easily reproduce this in a vm with two disk drives. Install the system on sda, but select sdb1 for grub. This will fail because cross disk installs require the embed area. When the prompt comes up to pick another location, pick sdb or sda, both of which will work if you chose them the first time. The installation complete message pops up immediately. A second or two later, the grub install failed dialog comes back. In syslog you will see the second attempt failed because grub-probe could not find /boot. This is because /dev is not mounted in /target at this point.

We get many crash reports filed to grub as a result of this where the wrong grub target was chosen the first time, then the user picks the correct place, but installing there fails too.