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Hi Permula,

I think you are in the wrong place. Try these: (also try phrase your "can't use desktop
manager" more clearly there) and (documentation)


On 7 April 2015 at 17:55, pemula <email address hidden> wrote:

> help me to fix bugs on my ubuntu please. im new user. cant use desktop
> manager. i've installed this
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> Title:
> Install/reinstall wipes out all/other partitions
> Status in elementary OS:
> Fix Released
> Status in ubiquity package in Ubuntu:
> Fix Released
> Status in ubiquity source package in Trusty:
> Fix Released
> Bug description:
> [Impact]
> Serious data loss due to misleading UI in a variety of cases where the
> installer fails to accurately assess or describe the current
> partitioning layout. This set of proposed changes fix the problem
> both narrowly (by fixing a specific detection failure) and broadly (by
> being more consistent and conservative about how automatic
> partitioning methods are described, and by always displaying a
> confirmation dialog; "are you sure?" dialogs are generally dubious,
> but in this case it supplies more specific information which is a
> justifiable last resort for an operation as potentially destructive as
> partitioning). I have taken care to ensure that it has no impact on
> translations.
> [Test Case]
> Validating this ideally requires exploratory testing, but simple tests
> include setting up partitioning layouts that include deliberately-
> unrecognisable partitions and making sure that the installation
> process only removes those in response to options that explicitly
> state that they will erase the disk rather than merely erasing a
> single OS, and that a confirmation dialog is always displayed.
> [Regression Potential]
> This involves partitioning logic, so be careful. I've tried to keep
> the changes as isolated as possible to the automatic partitioning
> page, although the confirmation dialog change also affects the manual
> partitioner. It's worth checking that back/forward paths still work
> correctly, as this took me several goes to get right.
> Original report follows:
> Brand new Samsung laptop with UEFI. I had installed 13.04 Ubuntu but on
> reboot I never saw the 'grub' style menu. It just kept going into Windows
> 8.1. So I got the 13.10 version (64 bit) and choose "Reinstall Ubuntu"
> (That may not be the exact text)
> It removed all the partiions including the recovery partitions. I do
> have a backup for the windows install, but I was very surprised that this
> happened.
> On a positive note I now have Ububtu up and running on my machine.
> This is not my first time with Ubuntu. I have installed Ubuntu alongside
> WinXp, Vista and Windows 7. I've used Ubuntu desktop for over 6 years.
> If you would like me to try something to replicate this. .. I could
> shrink my existing partion make another one - reinstall and see if it
> whacks that one. I can do this now .. I'm still moving into this laptop so
> starting over is not so bad.
> Steve Devine
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