Comment 128 for bug 1265192

ventrical (dale-f-beaudoin) wrote :

This is a non bug. Installing ubuntu trusty/unity will work in hard UEFI mode on a previously installed windows8 machine. The problem is understanding how gparted works and that it needs confirmations for each operation and that it is not very apparent in GUI. With windows 8 already fully installed , gparted can resize the windows partition. The new 'free space' partion needs to be CONFIRMED after it has been marked for ext4 file format. each step has to be confirmed. It is not immediately clear that the confirmation process takes place by clicking the green checkmark in the upper menu bar. If not clicked on with mouse, not confirmed and system will be borked or not work.

Enabling proposed repos to download new version of ubiquity will cause unstable ubiquity in 'live' mode and is not neccessary to install ubuntu over windows 8 installation.

The 'no other operating systems detected' bug is still there but if one uses gparted correctly it is really a non issue.however it poses a commercial embarrassment for Canonical to not be able to have windows 8 detected automatically without fanagling around with obscure an outdated tools.