Comment 6 for bug 1205397

Same error. It only occurs when I attempt to encrypt my home directory. Unencrypted, the installation goes without an error.

I notice that I have a one MB reserved space at either end of my disk memory. Nothing I do will get rid of these partitions. I assume they are the problem. Gpart doesn't remove them but gives me an error instead. If I insist on trying again, it locks the computer up and I have to do a hard reboot.

My disk was originally an uninstalled new purchase Windows 7. I refuse to use that product for security reasons and am attempting to replace it with Lubuntu 14.04. Looks like Microsoft is reaching out from the grave to make sure their security problems stay with me evey when I don't use their software.

The computer is a refurbished (by Acer) Acer Notebook NX.V7EAA.009;TMP653-M-9889. It does have hardware TMP.