Comment 24 for bug 1205397

Tried lubuntu-17.04-desktop-amd64.iso on a lenovo yoga 300 several times using "sudo swapoff --all" before running into error. Thus the error message changed to auto-partition failed.

At my system the auto-partitioning creates a 1MB partition as first an one as last partition on disk, which is quite odd.
I found a forum hint pointing out that the result of auto-partitioning would be the cause for the resulting error. My expertise is not sufficient to manually create the needed partitions using gparted and getting the installer using these partitions.

Thus I am not able to use the 64-bit Version of Lubuntu. This is a pitty as the installation of 16.04 on 32bit ASUS eeePC 901 runs like a dream. Which was the trigger for trying to switch from ubuntu to lubuntu with the yoga .

Thanks for your effort to provide this distribution. For my old eeePC this is the distro,
Thanks, Peter