Comment 13 for bug 991982

Dylan McCall (dylanmccall) wrote :

Sorry if I'm being thick: checking the SSL cert is in WebkitGtk or Ubiquity's turf, right? Some poking around tells me WebkitGtk indeed does not seem to be doing this the way I was expecting it would. If so, yes, I agree whole-heartedly with pulling this out for the time being. Any support code in Ubiquity (I guess like was added to Software Centre with bug #874242) would need to be in place well in advance.

We're using jsonp here, anyway, so we're in trouble as soon as the browser executes the replaced script. (That said, were that solved, I'd be happy to take the steps needed to guarantee that everything written to the document is properly escaped).

Thanks for looking after this, St├ęphane.