Comment 1 for bug 514011

Dylan McCall (dylanmccall) wrote :

Hi, Lionel!

Sorry, I have been meaning to update people on this. Time coming up this weekend :)

Yes, all slideshows should be under the same source package.

In the the latest trunk, it is now possible to add a new slideshow to the existing source package. (This was done by Roman for slides/kubuntu, so you can use that work as a template). You will need to update the Makefile and debian/control as well, to define the new packages, but mostly it's just copy + paste work.

The slideshows share the link directory in common (slides/kubuntu and slides/ubuntu have symlinks to reflect that, simply for testing purposes). slideshow.js provides the important slideshow-related script stuff including localization, receiving parameters and (of course) running the slideshow,

I think my more recent commits contain grumblings about localization stuff, but making that prettier as we go along won't affect the individual slideshows or translators in any way, so don't worry about that. Localization is (and will probably always be) rather transparent.

If you would like, I'm happy to set up an empty Xubuntu slideshow for you in a while, then you can add the content to a bzr branch.