Comment 11 for bug 535582

Martin Pitt wrote:
> ttf-kacst-one synced into main, see bug 562407. ttf-indic-fonts merge is
> in Lucid already. So I suppose ttf-kacst-one needs to be added to
> language-support-* or language-selector* at least, or should we change
> the seeds to add this in favor of another font package?

Please replace the ttf-kacst package with ttf-kacst-one in the seeds.

In addition to the ttf-indic-fonts-core package, please also seed
ttf-punjabi-fonts, since that one only contains 2 fonts and therefor it
doesn't make sense to move them into ttf-indic-fonts-core.

How is the space situation? Do we need to split the ttf-thai-tlwg and
ttf-khmeros packages?

ttf-takao-gothic has not been uploaded into Debian yet, but I could get
it from the svn on alioth... however, that package is quite large (12MB)
, as it contains 3 fonts, of which we only need one for the LiveCD. So,
I can split that package into -core and -extra and prepare it for
upload, if you agree. (That would replace the ttf-vlgothic package in
the seeds.)