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Brent Creech (brentcreech) wrote : Re: Hardy package for tovid doesn't makemenu, makexml etc. into user's path

My brother and I have had the same problems. With the information you provided in your post I was able to complete the last bit I needed to get it working.

Packages to add with Synaptic
spumux <- Not found in Synaptic Package Manager

Commands to run from the terminal
cd /usr/share/tovid
brcre@chimera:/usr/share/tovid$ sudo ln makemenu makexml /usr/bin
brcre@chimera:/usr/share/tovid$ which makemenu
brcre@chimera:/usr/share/tovid$ which makexml

We've been using images2mpg to create videos from photos, so I'm not sure if that decreased the amount of packages I had to install at the point I was trying to get tovid to work, but it has now ran and produced the first DVD which appears to run on the Panasonic TV/DVD combo I have here in the room to test it on.

This worked on my 32-bit system, but I've been unable to get it to work on my brother's 64-bit system.