Comment 4 for bug 251669

D. Grady (fehknt) wrote :

I have determined exactly what the playlists need to be interpreted properly! Adding "#EXTM3U" (no quotes of course) as the first line in the m3u playlist file causes totem to interpret it properly. Now, the strange thing is that the playlist files that totem writes don't have this required header. I happened to have one playlist that another program had written, and it did have this header.

I have attached a unified diff of the changes that I made to the totem-pl-parser source, file: totem-pl-parser-lines.c

This will make totem save playlists in a format that it can read (probably good). The other problem of making totem compatible with old-style m3u playlists I'll look into when I have time - someone who's actually a dev, please check this patch and let me know if it was acceptable or if it needed "cleaning up" to conform with coding standards. I'm trying to become a better coder but I don't know the ubuntu/debian standards at all. Also please comment on if this was a good way to submit a patch.