Comment 5 for bug 1663318

Ubuntu Xenial is not vulnerable to this problem, or at least is not reproducible with this script:

mkdir ubuntu-16.04-vagrant; \
cd ubuntu-16.04-vagrant; \
vagrant init ubuntu/xenial64; \
vagrant box update; \
vagrant up --provider virtualbox; \
vagrant ssh -c "sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get -y dist-upgrade; sudo reboot"; \
sleep 30s; \
vagrant ssh -c "sudo apt-get -y install tomcat7; lsb_release -a; sudo service tomcat7 restart"; \
vagrant ssh -c "top -bn2 | awk '/^top/{i++}i>1' | head"; \
vagrant ssh -c "printf '\x05\x02\x00\x02' | nc -w 5 localhost 8080; top -bn2 | awk '/^top/{i++}i>1' | head"; \
vagrant ssh -c "sleep 5m; top -bn2 | awk '/^top/{i++}i>1' | head"; \
vagrant halt

I replayed today the script I've sent in my earlier comment and it stills reproduce the problem.