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I'll try to whip up a simple .war file that can be deployed and attach
it to this bug. I'll aim to get something to you by EOW.

On Tue, Jun 26, 2012 at 10:42 AM, James Page <email address hidden> wrote:
> @John
> What would be really helpful would be a simple test case which anyone
> could run - is this something you could put together? This will help
> alot with the SRU process.
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> Title:
>  DataSource JNDI lookup with javax.naming.Name failed
> Status in “tomcat7” package in Ubuntu:
>  Fix Released
> Status in “tomcat7” source package in Precise:
>  Confirmed
> Bug description:
>  I realize that Tomcat was just upgraded to 7.0.26, but there are a few
>  fixes in Tomcat 7.0.27, specifically issue 52830
>  ( which
>  causes a big problem for people, like me, who are trying to use the
>  Tomcat connection pool with Hibernate 4.x, which fails without this
>  fix.
>  Currently I updated my deployment by hand, but I would much rather
>  have a proper package.  I can't find a PPA, and my skill set is nil in
>  terms of the ability to create my own PPA for this.  Many thanks!
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