Comment 2 for bug 82860

Vincenzo Ciancia (vincenzo-ml) wrote :

Bug 59029 seems to have nothing to do with my report since it's about some php stuff :) Maybe the correct number is another one. However I don't clearly understand what that option is for:

" -B n,m, --buffer-fragments=n,m
              For the Linux/FreeBSD/OSS/ALSA/Windows sound driver, selects the
              number of buffer fragments in interactive mode. Increasing the
              number of fragments may reduce choppiness when many processes
              are running. It will make TiMidity++ seem to respond sluggishly
              to fast forward, rewind, and volume controls, and it will throw
              the status display off sync. Specify a fragments number of 0 to
              use the maximum number of fragments available.

however it seems to me that "_may_ reduce choppiness" and "it _will_ make timidity++ seem to respond sluggishly" explain the situation very well: you get a disadvantage without any guarantee of an advantage. However, one should ask the original debian maintainer or whoever patched it in ubuntu, I mean who introduced that line, in case one wonders why it was introduced. Did you try both with and without that option on your machine, Luca?