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Dark Dragon (darkdragon-001) wrote :

When I install tigervnc from source ("wget -qO- | tar xz --strip 1 -C /") and start it ("vncserver :1 -depth 24 -geometry 1280x1024"), everything works fine ("vncserver -list" shows process).

When I install via apt ("apt-get install -y tigervnc-common tigervnc-scraping-server tigervnc-standalone-server tigervnc-viewer tigervnc-xorg-extension xterm"), and start using the same command as above, it first complains about missing ".Xauthority" and then fails ("vncserver: Failed command '/etc/X11/Xvnc-session': 256!") -> ("vncserver -list" is empty).

When I replace the config ("/etc/vnc.conf") with the default config from source and use default xstartup also from source, it works. The supplied configuration and startup installed via apt is quite complex. Does anyone have an idea where the problem might be?