Comment 20 for bug 397574

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> Fix:
> In regard to the previous comment, after switching to "Wide View" layout and
> losing the message's encoding, when switching back to any other view layout
> the message still appears incorrectly and the initial correct encoding is not
> preserved.

Why did you label that sentence "Fix:"?

Did you try simply selecting a different message and then reselecting the problem one, without changing layout? That is the simple way to re-view the message correctly.

I need to retract my comment 14 & 16. I'm not completely sure of the sequence of events, but I'm now seeing this symptom occurring in and 2a1-0912, Win2K.

When I started retesting this today, I couldn't reproduce it. I checked the setting for
  View | Encoding | Autodetect
-- which, to my mild surprise, was set to Universal. When I reset this to Off, the problem started occurring.

Normally, I run with Autodetect off, but I remember turning it on a few days ago to test something else. I must have been in a similar situation when I was testing back in May.

Note that changing the Autodetect setting while viewing a message messes up the message appearance, but in a different way than this bug -- this symptom is bug 236872.