Comment 59 for bug 120672

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Patch rev. 3

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> OK, thx for the patch, but please change keyword to taskName or commandName


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> I'm not particularity happy with the wording.

Fixed, I changed it to:
"Are you sure you want to permanently delete all messages and subfolders in the Junk folder?"
with Yes/No buttons.

> And while I'm at it, doesn't usability studies say to use positive sentences
> with checkboxes - easier to grasp "always ask me" vs. "don't ask me".

I looked around in our code and it seems that "don't ask me" is in majority
over "always ask me", so I'm keeping it. Please file a bug on it though -
we should at least be consistent, whichever we choose.
Please include URLs to those usability studies if you have them.

> The patch didn't add a default pref value, BTW.