Comment 36 for bug 120672

(In reply to comment #35)

Don't close this feature request. I receive about 100 to 2.500 Junk mails per
day and it is rather dangerous to let the Junk control push them to the Trash
bin directly. In the Trash bin I also find manually deleted Junk and non-Junk stuff.

It is much smarter to have automatically Junk-declared stuff in the Junk folder
and review this from time to time. Then I drop the reviewed Junk stuff to the
Trash bin myself.

Today, I use the Windows shortcut [Alt][T][E] for "Tools: Delete Mail Marked as
Junk in Folder" for dropping the reviewed Junk stuff to the Trash bin.

Then I clear the Trash bin with [Alt][F][Y] ("File: Empty Trash").

TEFY makes my daily Junk review work much faster, but as I cannot see these
shortcuts in the MacOS X version of Mozilla, I would rather prefer to have the
"Empty Junk folder" menu entry, too.