Comment 34 for bug 120672

(In reply to comment #33)
> Being that the extension I commented on earlier in this bug was apparently
> rolled into the main code, I'd have to agree with Robert Harvey, and this
> bug/enhancement could be closed.

Did that extension roll into the code?? I don't see it and I guess then there
should be patch attached to this bug. The behaviour Robert Harvey is describing
is already for quite some time present in TB. It's at least in 0.9 and I think
also already way earlier.

I for one would like to see an Empty Junk item, because I receive around 100
spam mails a day and always skim over them to see if there wasn't an occassional
error with the junk notification (it's rare but it happens). If there are no
real mails I delete all the junk mails.

With the approach of Robert Harvey I will have 1500 mails in my junk mail folder
and have to remember which one I already skimmed over.