Comment 25 for bug 120672

(In reply to comment #24)
> I just noticed that this DOESN'T delete the junk mail. It only moves it into the
> Trash folder so you still have to empty the trash folder. So its good, not
> great. :-)

If you go to the options of the extension you can tell it to bypass the trash.

(In reply to comment #23)
> I do not think that this is "great", since Mozilla does not mark all trash and
> maybe some people have additional spam-filter-programms that generate header
> additionals which causes the marked mails to be moved to the spam folder by a
> mozilla filter setup.
> I don't want to delete 50% of my spam e-mails myself.

Yes this is indeed unfortunate

> So I think the only "great" solution is a "clean spam folder" item.
> It's only a menu item to implement....

I took a look at doing it before I discovered the extension I mentioned. I then
found that Empty Trash code is spread over quite some files, so I found
implementing Empty Junk quite daunting. The code of the extension is not that
difficult, but finding out what you now should add / change things in the
mozilla code seems not that easy for somebody not to familiar with the mozilla