Comment 5 for bug 120281

Uisng trunk build 20021121 on winxp, macosx and linux.
Aleksey, I don't see the problem with text being typed not wrapping on Edit as
New or Edit draft messages. Here is what I did to test this. Please let me
know your scenario so I can test it too.

1. Launch mail, have my mail account set for plain text editing.
2. Composed and sent myself a plain text message (wrapped set at 72 char) with 3
lines that wrapped.
3. Got the message and then clicked Reply, started typing text where the cursor
landed or in a bread in the quoted area after pressing <Enter> (note: if you
don't press <Enter> you are in the quoted text, if it's within the quoted text
area the text will type in a blue color), then I saved the message as a draft to
continue typing later.
4. Selected the Draft message and clicked on Edit, then continued typing where I
left off so it would hit the 72 char limit. I hit the limit and the text wrapped.
If your scenario includes typing within the quoted area without pressing <Enter>
to break the quote then this is the same a bug 161969.

For Edit as New I selected that same message that I sent in step 1 above and
clicked Message|Edit as New. I continued typing text and it wrapped at 72