Comment 14 for bug 1512120

Tonight my distribution (Debian) made an update of glib2.0 available; I changed from Debian package libglib2.0-0 version 2.46.1-2 to version 2.46.2-1. A quick test revealed that I was not able to cause Thunar to crash by copying many files to a temporary test directory and renaming all of them one at a time.

I did not test exhaustively, so the problem may still exist. I need to get some sleep, but I will do some serious testing in the morning to see if I can get Thunar to crash with the new glib2.0. I will say this -- looking at their changelog, I see at least one commit that sounds promising:

  commit c85bc8bdbce2c5fcec28aa5ef89fee42ffda6474
  Author: Dan Winship <email address hidden>
  AuthorDate: Sat Oct 24 10:37:22 2015 -0400
  Commit: Dan Winship <email address hidden>
  CommitDate: Tue Oct 27 09:51:12 2015 -0400

    gtask: re-fix tasks-blocking-other-tasks

    The new "slowly add more task threads" code doesn't fully deal with
    apps that queue lots and lots of tasks which then block on tasks from
    their task threads. Fix this by bringing back the "task is blocking
    other task" check and making sure that such tasks get bumped to the
    front of the queue.

If I am wrong about the problem being fixed, I apologize for getting anyone's hopes up. The simple test I made just now would easily have caused Thunar to crash and disappear before, so I thought I would mention the glib2.0 update so that other people can confirm (or refute) that it helps them.