Comment 3 for bug 1311926

Paul White (paulw2u) wrote :

Using the version of Thunar in for 16.04 I don't think I see this as described in the Bug Description. The highlighting of the renamed file is usually correct but in about 10% of renamings the wrong file is highlighted.

What I am seeing is this:

1) Using six files in a directory I rename one to something like 00.txt.
2) It moves to the top of the list
3) I rename it to zz.txt and it moves to the end of the list but
4) The highlighted file is the fifth in the list
5) If I rename it to ff.txt it moves to its correct position
6) Another rename to zz.txt moves it to the end of the list but this time the correct file is highlighted.
7) After several more renamings which appear to work correctly I rename the file zz.txt and it moves to the end
8) But the last but one file is highlighted so the wrong file being highlighted is not consistent.

Using the latest daily build of 16.04 (20160408) I'm seeing something very similar, possibly not exactly the same due to different file names used in the test.