Comment 23 for bug 58498

Andrea Gamba (andrea-gamba) wrote :

There should be an ubuntu maintainer for texmacs and related packages, such as the scripts for the various sessions. I am not competent to do that, although I am a texmacs user and try to find workarounds for the problems I encounter.

Texmacs should be of special interest to this group:

By the way, pressure from the Ubuntu community could help texmacs to reach the degree of user-friendliness that would prompt its larger adoption.

Texmacs is a great program which is kept at 80% of its possibilities: it's one of the few technical innovations around, and it's really great (almost unique) to work with, but there are also some stumbling blocks that the developers have been underestimating for years, such as perfecting the session scripts, improving the graphical interface, bibliography management, styles availability, latex compatibility (although this one is not bad already), documentation. With some effort in these directions (which with some reason the developers expect should be done in part by the community) it would see much larger adoption, without it it's doomed to interest only a small niche of users (also considering that the physical-mathematical community is not large in itself).

There are also sinergies which are not exploited: a carefully tuned and well documented texmacs+scipy package could be a professional alternative to Matlab (it is harder to produce a professional alternative to Maple or Mathematica since there are no open-source project at the same level of perfection - I have not tried mathemagix yet but it seems to be in an early stage of development - and probably is draining resources away from texmacs).