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Bug #1768062: a2ping 2.77p is not compatible with Ghostscript 9.22 Undecided New 182 weeks

From: Akira Yokosawa
Link: a2ping.patch

Minimal patch to update 2.77p to 2.77p1

Bug #575812: revtex4-1 should be upgraded to bugfix release on 3/15/2010 Undecided Confirmed 571 weeks

From: Robert Schroll
Link: texlive-extra_2009-7ubuntu4.debdiff

.debdiff with REVTeX 4.1r

Bug #96251: semantic.sty: Command \@temp already defined Undecided Confirmed 761 weeks

From: Jared Warren
Link: semantic.diff

Removes \newcommand{\@temp}

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