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Ricardo (ricardoaguiar) wrote :

After a LOT of debugging, I've found the problem.

I have installed in my system the package "language-pack-pt-base". In
this package there is the file:


If you do:

$> msgunfmt /usr/share/locale-langpack/pt_BR/LC_MESSAGES/ | less

and find the word "tutorial", you will see this text:

msgid ""
"Welcome to Info version %s. Type \\[get-help-window] for help, \\[get-info-"
"help-node] for tutorial."
msgstr ""
"Bem vindo à versão Info %s. Digite \\[get-help-window] p/ ajuda,\\[get-inffo-"
"help-node] p/ tutorial."

The "get-inffo-help-node" crashes GNU Info with an abort() because it is not a
valid function name. The correct function name is "get-info-help-node".

It is correct in the source of package "texinfo". It seems this file need to
be updated in package "language-pack-pt-base".