Comment 6 for bug 984132

Created attachment 66798
1/4] Add Google camera-v1 as a first-class caps bundle

This is partly a point of principle - given any caps bundle that we have
ever advertised support for, we should be prepared to define when asked -
but mainly a workaround for the iChat bug mentioned in commit af55ea3d.
If we return an error, it will keep disco'ing us repeatedly in a loop.

This leaves us with the problem of finding out what the bundle contains.
In Google's usage it is only its name that is important (ignoring that
XEP-0115 explicitly makes bundle names opaque), but replying to disco
requests for it requires us to be able to turn it into a set of 0 or
more capability URIs. Because of the Google server bug mentioned in
commit cd0da0a8, we can't just ask a Google client, because they're
all on Google servers, so they can't usefully be disco'd.

We assume here that it behaves like the voice-v1 and video-v1 bundles
in containing exactly one URI, and that that URI corresponds to the
bundle name in the same way.