Comment 2 for bug 1539329

Indeed it looks like tasksel and d-i are doing things precisely as they have been requested: the squashfs contains only minimal (that is configured in livecd-rootfs:/live-build/auto-config) since quantal (livecd-rootfs 2.83, bug 1028453); the typical preseed for ubuntu-server only asks for the server^ seed, which doesn't contain much[1]; and the ubuntu-server-minimal.seed preseed on the ISO contains no special preseed for tasksel (as then, minimal is indeed likely to be what one wants).

I don't think there's anything to disable here on the images, but we're running into a case where we don't know why there is a difference between the behavior in wily and xenial. I'll input the difference in wily to something that utah did to install extra packages. In that light, I wouldn't test for anything that depends on the presence of ubuntu-standard on server installs, since users are unlikely to have it anyway.