Comment 51 for bug 858122

On Fri, Jan 13, 2012 at 08:42:12AM -0000, Adam Stokes wrote:
> If we think about moving insserv out of system path we need to make sure
> that update-rc.d is not broken by this since it assumes it can reach the
> binary within the path. Other than that I dont think anything else
> would be affected.

In fact, update-rc.d only ever calls insserv if
/etc/init.d/.legacy-bootordering does not exist, which it should for all
Ubuntu systems:

if ( ! -f "/etc/init.d/.legacy-bootordering" ) {
    info("using dependency based boot sequencing");
    exit insserv_updatercd(@ARGV);

Having update-rc.d fail for users who have manually removed this file is
probably the lesser evil, and fixable by having them re-create the flag

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