Comment 18 for bug 48806

Kevin, thank you for your update. What information can you provide about the file /CONQUEROR_OF_SHAMBALLA.I00?

For example:
* What kind of file is it, a game file, a disk image, a backup, etc.?
* How big is it?
* Does this file cause an issue if it's on another FAT volume?
* What size is the FAT volume it's on? (How many files in that directory, how many total files, etc.)

The background to my probing is that so far we have only found issues that are specific to problematic files - and at this time, only those that are of a specific 4Gb length. That is not to say these are the only issues we're facing, but we have to start somewhere.

I won't comment on your second response, because that is not for me to say, other than to re-iterate, I'm here attempting to fix problems with dosfschk application at the moment, not how it is used within Ubuntu.

Some background may assist you, by way of advising you that after preliminary conversations with others I'm in the process of formulating a question to ubuntu-devel about dealing with dirty (FAT) file systems and I expect to include a comment about prompting for fixes as well.