Comment 10 for bug 48806

The attached one-line sed script can be used either to fix fstab generated
by Ubuntu/Kubuntu installer or it can be distributed as a patch for the
affected Ubuntu/Kubuntu versions that turn on the fsck check for fat/msdos
partitions. For example, for versions 6.06 and 6.10.
Note: I have not tested version 6.11.

# PURPOSE: Turn off the fsck test for vfat and msdos partitions in fstab
# INVOCATION: sed -i.bak -f fix-fstab.sed.txt /etc/fstab
# Note: You must run this script as an administrator!
# SCRIPT: fix-fstab.sed.txt
/^\/dev\/hda.*[ \t]\(vfat\|msdos\)[ \t]/s/^\(\([^ \t][^ \t]*[ \t][

# ALTERNATIVE SCRIPT: A simpler but less safe version of the above script
#/^\/dev\/hda.*[ \t]\(vfat\|msdos\)[ \t]/s/1[ \t]*$/0/

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