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Arnaud Jeansen (ajeans) wrote :

The attached debdiff works for me, with a few shortcomings
- it doesn't mount this swap during one of the normal swap activations. Doing otherwise would require to do the mkswap very early in the scripts
- it hardcodes priority 10, regardless of the "pri" value set in /etc/fstab. It should be possible to parse the options, and extract the value of pri to pass it in the swapon line, but I'm not sure it is really worth it
- on boot (on a PS3), the message "/dev/ps3vram Device or resource is busy" will appear... I couldn't find a way to hide it (tried the trick done on swapon in, with no improvement).

With my /etc/fstab configured with a "/dev/ps3vram swap" entry, I get an additional 250 Mo of swap directly on boot.