Comment 4 for bug 152664

alfonx (skpublic) wrote :

We had the same problem while upgrading from edgy to feisty to gutsy. In gutsy dist-upgrade we got the segfaults.

Our solution in quick notes from memory:

* We left out what was mentioned in the second post.
* Only installed libc6-xen with aptitude (accepted the proposed downgrade solution).
Segfaults were gone now, and we were able to configure the list of unconfigured packages!

After that we still had problems with a newer version of libc (...ubuntu10).

Then we did:

* add multiverse to /etc/apt/sources.lst
* aptitude install ubuntu-xen-server

Getting much further now.. but still config probs

* aptitude remove libc6-i686 ubuntu-minimal sounded like a "reasonable" solution.

and indeed now we're able to successfully finish an aptitude upgrade run.
The following packages have been automatically kept back:
  libc6 libc6-dev

guess that we have to wait for the updated libc6-xen version to meet these dependencies.