Comment 8 for bug 151580

Rudd-O (rudd-o) wrote :

Matt, thanks for the cred, but I don't think there's much further to do -- I attached the killall5.c file because it fixes the issue by stopping processes before sigterm, except those who are excluded which are sigconted so the /proc walking algorithm doesn't fail. I'll attach a version that I still have now, which might or might not differ from the version I attached earlier, but which I can confirm used to work when I used Kubuntu (I'm on FC9 now, guys, sorry, but I can still work on Ubuntu).

So what's next? Who is in charge of packaging the fix up and submitting it? I'd appreciate if the changelog mentioned me :-).

Thanks again for your attention to this issue. It's worth mentioning that Fedora simply does not have this sendsigs thing at all, which forces me to edit initscripts to stop my filesystems.