Comment 10 for bug 1843381

Dan Streetman (ddstreet) wrote :

> Based on,
> is suitable for the
> SRU workaround?

Have you actually tested this using an affected system? I'm concerned that changing to use by-path naming will result in a different interface name, for the same adapter, when it's plugged into a different usb port. That doesn't matter for internal (either on-board or in-dock) usb adapters, since their device path never changes, but for people with dell systems and a separate usb nic with this usb vendor/product id, this would be a serious regression if their interface name changes 1) after simply upgrading systemd, and they reboot or hotplug their nic, even if they plug it into the same usb port; and 2) every time they hotplug the usb nic into a different usb port (or use a usb hub, etc.)