Comment 10 for bug 1818527

Some comments on the Autopkgtest regressions:

- lxc (armhf) fails due to the ftpmaster.internal mirror failing

- libvirt (armhf) fails for the same reason ("Unable to connect to ftpmaster.internal:http")

- systemd (ppc64el) has been failing since before this patch was introduced, and looking at the test logs it doesn't seem to be related to the stub resolver

- network-manager (arm64) has been failing since previous systemd versions (since systemd/237-3ubuntu10.21)

- gvfs (arm64) fails due to a permission error that should be unrelated to the stub resolver ("GLib.Error('Not authorized to perform ope[83 chars]', 0) != True")

- gvfs (i386) has been failing since before this patch was introduced

After going through the autopkgtest logs for the above, it seems that the failures are either due to autopkgtest infra, or have been introduced by something other than the systemd upload.