Comment 6 for bug 1726124

Dimitri John Ledkov (xnox) wrote :

Right, so it seems like NM checks the never-default setting, and doesn't push them as resolve domains =/ I will test things out to be sure.


$ nmcli c show YOUR_VNP_CONNECTION_NAME | grep never-default
ipv4.never-default: yes
ipv6.never-default: yes

And if it is never-default, it doesn't push search domains out, only routing domains.

I believe this might be actually correctly intended configuration of the openvpn and network-manager and resolved. Since all traffic is not routed to the VPN connection, its domain names should not be used for resolution. E.g. resolving "" should work and should end up being resolved via nameserver on the vpn, and not leak DNS resolution to public DNS server, and one should be able to connect to that host. But resovling "foo" should be failing.

I understand this is a change of behaviour, thus does seem like a regression. I will consult on what is correct behaviour and how to best fix it.