Comment 2 for bug 1717471

Dimitri John Ledkov (xnox) wrote :

xnox> wgrant, t0mb0, veebers - i think i will just change ubuntu compiled in default for systemd-networkd to be honest.
<wgrant> xnox: That sounds perilous.
<xnox> wgrant, had to google that word.
<xnox> wgrant, alternatives is to bake that into nplan, or bake that into the cloud-image alone
<wgrant> xnox: nplan makes the most sense, IMO, rather than changing a confusing non-configurable upstream default silently in a distro patch.
<xnox> wgrant, i did that to accept search domains in resolved =/ because there is no easy way to set defaults for that, as it needs to go into the network file, and systemd only considers the first matching network file and ignores the rest (or some such)
<wgrant> Er yeah, I meant .network in the ticket when I said .link. The .link is fine.
<wgrant> systemd is so lovely.