Comment 1 for bug 1628778

Martin Pitt (pitti) wrote :

Bug 1588230 and bug 1624071 are fixed now. I'm fairly sure I understand bug 1624317 (and it would be fixed in yakkety now), and bug 1449001 is not actually a malfunction but just some disagreement about a builtin fallback if no DNS servers are configured (and thus fairly irrelevant really).

This bug is relevant, of course, thanks for the report. There are still several known problems with DNSSEC, and thus the plan had been from the start to enable it during the development series and disable it shortly before the release (which has happened a few days ago). The point was to learn about bugs in practice. So 16.10 ships with disabled DNSSEC, which is no worse than the default "dns" nss plugin (i. e. libc itself).