Comment 74 for bug 1252121

Daniel Hahler [2013-12-19 13:11 -0000]:
> I have then suspended and resumed (after a minute maybe), and there's no
> PrepareForSleep=false in the log, only:
> signal sender=:1.3 -> dest=(null destination) serial=1076 path=/org/freedesktop/login1; interface=org.freedesktop.login1.Manager; member=PrepareForSleep
> boolean true

Thanks. So that's still the case even through the shim works as
intended. I don't have an off-hand idea where to go from here, I need
to study in detail how PrepareForSleep is handled in logind.

> Is it safe/wise to post the dbus-monitor log unfiltered puclicitly, or
> can I send it directly to you?

Should usually be harmless, but the above was the main piece of
information I wanted to get out of it. It would also have the logind
calls/signals which might be interesting, but I can't say without