Comment 6 for bug 872991

Till Kamppeter (till-kamppeter) wrote :


at first, check the version number of system-config-printer. It must be 1.3.6+20110831-0ubuntu9.2. Use the command

dpkg -l | grep system-config-printer

If you have an older version, you do not have the fix and have to wait until your download mirror picks up the fixed version. If the version arrives, install it and remove and re- create your printer again. A reboot is not needed.

Please tell which driver got automatically assigned to the print queue.

Please attach the PPD file which your printer automatically got (/etc/cups/ppd/*.ppd) and the /etc/cupshelpers/preferreddrivers.xml here.

After that try also the following:

sudo dpkg -P --force-depends python-cupshelpers
sudo apt-get install python-cupshelpers

Then remove and re-create your print queue. Do you have a correct driver assignment now?

Attach also the file which you have printed when you got the endless blank pages and the "#CUPS-COMMAND AutoConfigure %..." on the first page (or tell which button you have clicked in which program).

Please follow all these instructions and answer all the questions. It is possible that the originally reported bug (wrong driver selection) is fixed but another bug (in HPLIP, the HP driver from HP) has shown up.