Comment 6 for bug 791690

Launchpad Janitor (janitor) wrote :

This bug was fixed in the package system-config-printer - 1.3.3+20110707-0ubuntu1

system-config-printer (1.3.3+20110707-0ubuntu1) oneiric; urgency=low

  * New upstream release
     o GIT 1.3.x snapshot from 2 June 2011
     o Changed Make/Model and State labels into a GtkEntry so contents are
       always fully selectable.
     o udev: don't rely on retriggering printers, enumerate them instead.
       (As Ubuntu uses Upstart and not systemd we need to update
       /etc/init/cups.conf to make use of the new functionality).
     o Convert iters to paths before comparing (Red Hat bug #717062,
       LP: #791690, Upstream bug #221). Tree iters cannot be compared, but
       paths can.
     o Set translation domain in D-Bus service (LP: #783967).
     o Driver preferencess: Avoid PostScript for HP LaserJet 2100 Series
       (Red Hat bug #710231). Avoid non-manufacturer PostScript drivers in
       this case. Some other drivertype names changed to avoid conflicts and
       mistaken matches.
     o Ensure consistency in jobviewer if add_job fails (Red Hat bugs #693055
       and #632551).
     o Raised the priority of the SpliX driver for Samsung laser printers, so
       that it is used as the default driver for these printers, and not
       "Foomatic/gdi" any more (LP: #793741).
     o Adjusted test code in so it doesn't look like a tempfile
  * debian/patches/20_priority-for-splix.patch: Removed, applied upstream.
  * debian/patches/10_do-not-show-firewall-dialog.patch: Removed, problem of the
    firewall dialog appearing is solved upstream.
 -- Till Kamppeter <email address hidden> Thu, 07 Jul 2011 19:09:44 +0200